Jim Zarbaugh

Motion Designer, Animator & Storyteller

Award-winning animator and motion design specialist with 18+ years of experience
in all areas of production. Accomplished storyteller proficient in conceptualizing,
casting vision, mentoring & producing video projects which connect with audiences
in a meaningful way.


Peter Vu

User Experience Consultant at PhiTek LLC

Anyone who has had and will have the pleasure of working with Jim knows that he is a needle in a haystack when it comes to motion design. Jim comes from many years of traditional media arts and is always growing and adapting to new technology.

2021 Resume

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Getting stuff done
My family!
Directing Easter project
All this experience and I still can't take a decent photo?
Animating virtual scenery for 130ft LED screen
Testing animated pinball virtual scenery
Directing volunteer media team during live event
My wife and I attending a friend's wedding in India
130 foot virtual scenery on programmed motion screen
Wedding videography teammates
Shooting on location in Boston
Holi with friends
Virtual scenery for Emmy-nominated Gift of Christmas

My Story

I had a brief stint as a balloon artist. I get ebay alerts when vintage periscopes come up for auction. I had a Spider-Man groom's cake made for my wedding. Like a raccoon drawn to shiny objects, I often find myself captivated by things that are creative or unusual. It’s who I am.

I spent much of my childhood drawing, watching movies and building cardboard movie sets for my action figures. I found great joy expressing myself artistically; I wrote stories, acted, sang and played a musical instrument. It was the eighties. My childhood looked a lot like an episode of Stranger Things - minus the Demogorgon. 

I became a full-time storyteller in 2003 as the first student media minister of Prestonwood Church in Plano, Texas. It was a rare opportunity to learn, grow, explore, lead and mentor on a large scale in front of a live audience; It was also the most creative outlet I have ever experienced.

In 2007 I was "drafted" onto the church’s internal media team and took a crash course in producing for television. There I created ads and branding for the PowerPoint Ministries international television program. However, the real fun happened each September with the production of large-scale, interactive video content for the church's Lone Star Emmy-Nominated Christmas event.

After a brief stint helping to launch a new product at AssetBuilders, I had the privilege of joining the in-house media team at TailLight LLC in 2015. The workplace environment at TailLight was second to none. It was there I learned how much I enjoyed sharing the responsibilities of the creative process. Working with talented team members allowed me time to grow professionally and learn new skills. But more importantly, it showed me the benefits of sharing the load with people working in their area of expertise.

If you have a difficult project to tackle or need a fresh perspective, I'm your guy! Please download my resume and feel free to shoot me some questions. I think you will find my journey has given me a unique skillset and the ability to see things differently. 


When I was eleven years old, my friend Jim McClellan wrote the bios for a book we both worked on as a class project. He had incredible insight.

I give everything I have to a project.

I may even obsess a little over the details.

But with maturity comes the discernment needed

to know when to let it go. 


"God’s gifts of grace come in many forms. Each of you has received a gift in order to serve others. You should use it faithfully."

- 1 Peter 4:10 NIrV



Plano, Texas


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